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Maratonowe bonusy kasynowe

140 thoughts on “Maratonowe bonusy kasynowe

  1. thanks for showing all finishers, and the whole story, (tv marathon coverage never bothers).

    1. we have NIKE Alphafly today … totally different design …

  2. The commentary is so dry…but I appreciate so much they actually uploaded these videos. This was the best documented Olympics by far.

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    2. @Lime Runner look at what happened after Seb Coe replaced Stewart with Steve Cram. The commentary became MUCH better and more exciting.

      Its like day and night

    3. They name checked a lot of runners, which was excellent, but their vocal style was indeed understated.

  3. At this point Ugandans had written it off as yet another olympics edition without a medal

  4. corrida maravilhosa, aqui não tem equipe,aqui é Deus, o corredor, e o som dos passos

  5. Respect 🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Kipsang would of won gold for sure if he had waited till halfway before making his move.

    1. @Rob Ford Your Grandma would NOT have won any race!!! nonsense!!

    2. My grandma could hzve won this race if she had the genes and if shd had the ability to run and if shr trained well. Lots of iffs.

  7. 271,091 views and only 18 comments? Looks like someones been deleting comments.

  8. Thinking about it, they run at a pace of about 3 minutes per kilometer, which I cant run even when I give my best when running my 4 – 7 km run.
    Its sick

    1. @Kayano Reeves Keep up!
      The age doesnt matter as long as you have a will!

    2. Im trying to unlock some of their secrets, only to improve my PB. Ive begun using the slight lean at the waste to utilize gravity. Also trying to imitate the smoothness of the elites to run more efficiently with less energy. So far my PB at the mile distance is 8:34 but I know I can keep improving that. Im 51 years old male fyi.

    3. … My pb is just over 15min/5k & 31min/10k … but after that point (10-11k) I wouldnt have a chance to keep that pace, and thats only around 20% of their distance!!
      Ps: And… its 20years ago now. Today; Id be happy to keep that pace for 100meters ;- )

      /Greetings from Denmark from a has-been medium-runner (the fast guys back then did around 27-29min/10k, so even 31min was slowish)

    4. My 5K best is 17:45, but I cant even run 1 kilometer under 3 minutes 😛

  9. The commentator said it was funny how the kenyan checked his watch 5 mins in whereas I saw plenty of runners checking their watch one minute in. The kenyan was probably checking how fast he went for the first mile.

  10. I have more respect for the last guy, he seems as if he was struggling. Well done to him 🙏🏽

  11. As an announcer myself, Im glad you guys were replaced. Great voices but too darn DRY! You two do much better matched with more upbeat men, like Steve Ovett and others.

    Good contrast like that

  12. The main reason I respect these men is because they run miles faster than I did at my best in high school track n field

  13. Anyone notice Stephen Kiprotich sharing his sponge with Abel Kirui at 1:14:34? Cool moment.

    1. Lmao same I mean he passed away sounds so much more professional and respectful

  14. They should let more Kenyan and Ethiopian into this race…

    1. In theory, they should let the best players in the world to compete, their nationality shouldnt matter…

  15. Se ver que la temperatura estaba alta…eso es muy duro para los corredores

  16. Blunder after blunder after blunder. A real low in British commentary – an institution that usually prides itself in depth, background, insight… and, at least, accuracy.

    1. I know, calling Meb the 2004 Olympic champ was an all time low. Duh, try doing a Google search… or better yet, hire broadcasters who actually follow the sport.

  17. Ojalá algún día pueda ser alguna de estos. Estoy entrenando duro para conseguirlo. Ya con menos de 15 años pude correr 10km

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  19. es precioso ver a estos atletas hacer algo que muy poquitos humanos son capaces de hacer, mas es bello verlos correr

  20. I like athletic and love to watch it, specially track n field. Only the matter to request IAAF members to change pole vault n high jump rules thatd all. As an athletic some jump from lower n some jump directly from higher level. Every one must jump from same level. That will be fair game, according to Mr.

  21. Why even compare yourself. So what they ran so and so speed. Unless you are an elite runner comparing yourself to them is irrational. It is like comparing apples to oranges.

  22. Am I dumb or why is there only a few people at the starting line in the beginning, and security is holding other runners back?

    1. Yes you are dumb and you obviously know nothing about sport

    2. goaldigger5 They show the most well known runners to the crowd and tv then they all come together just before the gun goes

  23. THIS is a real olympic sport. Not games we have today like shooting, archery, etc. The Olympics should be about exerting the maximum performance out of the human body to achieve results. Today games we have like shooting, bah grab a gun and shoot no effort on the body.

    1. I agree with u that this takes a thousand times more physical effort than shooting and archery, but do you think it doesnt take skill and precision to do what shooters and archers do?? They deserve respect as well

  24. Me: I will run and finish it
    Coach:I know you can do it
    Me:take care of my bottle

  25. I only cliked on this video because i was touch typing and needed something long to listen to

  26. I dont like the way the Chinese dude run, his moving all of his body, looks like wasting more energy than others.
    Correct me if im wrong

    1. RyanPlaysGames Maybe they try going for 100% on the start and then go faster bit by bit… Sounds like a smart idea

    2. smootskin And he started too fast. The asian athletes always tend to go too quickly and don’t have the right stamina, so they die out quickly

  27. 7:32 23:01 Anyone notice? Commentator mistakenly told TWICE that Meb Keflezighi (USA) won 2004 Athens marathon, when he was second after Stefano Baldini (ITA)

  28. The Asian runners step on the gas too early.. Guess what?

  29. Why are the only comments from within three weeks on an almost 5 year old video?

    1. Maybe because both commentators consistently refer to Mebrahtom Keflezighi as the winner in Athens 2004. where he came second. There were probably comments causing embarassment 🙂

  30. How fast in kilometers per hour and miles per hour did the gold medalist go to get his winning time?

  31. I am sitting at the comfort of my own bed, with air con and eating stuffing myself

  32. Ethiopia really dropped the ball in their mens lineup. Should have went with Kebede.

  33. Why two lines in the start? Is it not a Olympic Marathon where everybody got there by the same trials?

  34. Kiprotich really hung in there. The two Kenya runners ran with him but her stuck it out and came out on top. Respect.

    1. The best part is that you cannot foo
      L l

      Let’s go team.

  35. The American runner accidentally grabbed his teammates water bottle at the first water station, you can see him make an annoyed expression and call the other American up to him, kinda funny.

    1. @Rory Denholm Sorry but I dont remember. Wish I timestamped when I commented years ago. If it helps, from what I can remember it was pretty early on in the race, and I believe Meb was the one who grabbed the wrong bottle.

  36. I also once slept under a handpump like the south african

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  38. Its incredible how easy the Kenyans make it look….awesome stuff.

  39. Their pronunciation of Mebs name is incorrect and way off.

    1. True. And also twice been told that Meb won in 2004 Athens marathon, when he was second after Baldini

  40. Deberían traducir a español la narración y por alguien con más carisma, estos narradores por poco y se congelan

    1. Jose sucuzhañay si los británicos tienen la fama de ser aburridos y secos

  41. Here after watching the film Runner (2020) about Guor Marial from the newest country in the world – South Sudan. You can see him with a dark grey/black outfit on the right side and later on the left side soon after the race started. Hope to see him in Tokyo 2021.

  42. I kind of feel like at each checkpoint, there should not only be a time chip, but also a radar gun at each checkpoint to detect each runners average speed per hour and per minute.

    1. I am saying this to where the winning person could get 2 or 3 medals in total, individual race, individual average speed, and team average speed.

  43. The announcer needs a little more excitement in his voice. Kiprotich made his move at the right time, when everyone was slowing down he picked up a notch.

  44. Many Japanese men and women athletes have entered the marathons world stage, representing Asia.

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