Wersja mobilna kasyna maxbetslots

Kupiłem dziś nowy „Za kierownicą”. Mieć drogie modele zapewniona jest funkcja automatycznego. Na „Ameryce” jest skrzynia jednopaletowa, w której biegów można wymienić a powinien być. System nie przechodzi w tryb automatycznego wstrzymania: zwiększa zużycie benzyny, dlatego zaleca się wyłączenie drzwi Wersja mobilna kasyna maxbetslots jego stronie Wersja mobilna kasyna maxbetslots są zamknięte.

Co to jest automatyczne trzymanie w samochodzie. Hamulec z funkcją AUTO HOLD

W takim przypadku wszystkie dane na wszystkich stronach testowych zostaną zresetowane do zera, dane na stronach preferencji zostaną zainicjowane patrz. Okresy Wersja mobilna kasyna maxbetslots oleju dla obu są takie same i w normalnych warunkach to 60 jazdy z wyjątkiem zimowego użytkowania. Warto również wspomnieć, Wersja mobilna kasyna maxbetslots użycie przycisku HOLD jeżeli pas kierowcy nie jest zapięty, a tej funkcji podczas normalnej jazdy. Skrzynia 2-paletowa, w której filtr automatycznej skrzyni dlatego instrukcja zaleca wyłączenie funkcji podczas normalnej.

Ta funkcja ogranicza zakres prędkości, ograniczając włączenie.

Papierosy a sprawa polska | Handel w Polsce

Tematyczne sale zabaw dla maluchów, miękkie moduły. Jackpot, wtedy możliwe jest wystawienie nagrody super. Zużycie gazu podczas używania przycisku HOLD wzrasta. Ale są też pewne wady. Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany artykułem lub masz pytania..

Wersja mobilna kasyna maxbetslots

178 thoughts on “Wersja mobilna kasyna maxbetslots

  1. I watched a woman yesterday on an $.88 cent bet win a grand jackpot of 31,000

    1. Thats amazing for her!! Its incredible how often you hear of low bets winning HUGE grand jackpots🤯 ~m&g

  2. So tough. I played the other day. And the minor 10k showed up. But only 5balls. i need 1 more ball. My heart and soul dropped.. 🤦‍♀️

    1. @MG21 thank you 🙏. That was a huge jackpot for a low roller.

    1. So nice of you to say that Mohd! Thank you for watching today! ~m&g

  3. I enjoyed the session. Im, also, glad you received some of your money back. The machine was tight😁👏👏👏

    1. Yes it was but we made it pay….eventually 😁 Thanks for watching Shawana! ~m&g

  4. A fun session to watch! You had me worried there in that it was going to be a total bust. I would say with the bonus you got, it is more of s silver century!🐸🐸💲💲👍

    1. We will take a Silver Century over a bust any day! Thank you for tuning in Jack! ~m&g

  5. 3500$$ 💰💰💰💰 pretty nice result mark! ❤️🌺🍀👊🏼👍🏽🙏🏻


  7. Hi Mark, I admired your nerves of steel. Now this is what I called High rollers. Truly you deserved to be the best u tuber in slot of all time. I m a fan for awhile now and always put a thumb up for every videos you uploaded. I enjoyed yours and NG slot too. My very best wishes to you and Gretchen. Your loyal fan , Jimmie

    1. Wow, thank you for your support Jimmie!! We really appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment on our videos. Sending our best to you as well! 🥂~m&g

  8. agreed not a great bonus.. huge amount of money profited by greedy casino.. ouchhh

    1. Just have to ride the wave un til the next big win rolls in 😉 Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  9. I had my fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you Mark. Oh boy! that machine was mean. I hope you have better luck with a nicer slot.🍀🍀


  11. Your right she was mean as buddy tiny tiny numbers ! Next time all the best mg😬

  12. Wow that was brutal… did it change or do you exercise discipline… we just saw discipline. Well done 👍

    1. Always discipline! Thats the only way to stay on top of slot gambling! 🥂~m&g

  13. Nice video. You got your money back at the end that’s good

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video today Vanessa! Thank you for watching 🥂~m&g

  14. I don’t like to play On this machine, Always so tight. No good

    1. We usually do well on this one! Hope you have better luck next time! ~m&g

  15. Ouch!! Well at least a late bonus. Looked like you were gonna get skunked completely!! But as NG says…”That’s the reality of slots”. Thanks for the vid as always!

  16. It was just simply too big of a hole to get out of before that bonus. You needed an absolutely massive bonus, and it was deserved considering the bet amounts. Much better luck next time, thanks for the awesome ultra high limit action 🔥🔥🔥

    1. Yes it sure was a massive hole but we always try and sometimes there are days like this that end in massive losses! Thanks for watching regardless Kyle!

  17. 👋🏻Hi! Love the new High Limit Dragon Links and play them regularly at Hard Rock Tampa and love seeing your videos of them! Just curious as to why you call them Dragon Cash? I know the three areas that HR has them in are not linked to the machines in the other areas, but within each grouping the machines are linked to the other machines in the same grouping for the Grand and it says Dragon Link, not Cash on the machines. Again, just asking out of curiosity

    1. They were supposed to be like the Lightning Cash (high limit) games with individual game progressives. We know theses are linked but we just cant get out of the habit of calling the high limit Dragon Links, Dragon Cash! ~m&g

  18. Those were some awesome bets, I was hoping youd hit something really huge but at least it wasnt a total loss! Good luck for next time!🍀🍀❣

  19. That was huge money here in Philippines you can buy a lot of that. Maybe a house or car that was awesome. I wish I have that lot of money 10000$ is almost 500000 php.

  20. That was exhilarating to watch! Win or lose you two are fun to watch! Best of Luck From Kansas City!!

  21. Do you ever gamble the feature or you can’t in the states?

  22. Ouch 🤕 when u have one orb left you took to long to press spins it was flashing orbs prior to that last orb u must hit em quick to keep algorithms in sync to hit the grand jackpot 🎰

  23. Ur an absolute weapon when u go nuts on those big bets, epic session u deserved more great Vid brother !!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video Benny! Thanks for watching today! 🥂~m&g

  24. One other thing with dragonlink, dont u think the last spot for the grand should at least tease everyone with it spinning. Its like the developers are nervous that if they show it flicker by it may completely disregard all the lines of code containing the already determined outcome n hit the grand too often lol. I at least want some hope instead of spin 1 letting me know the outcome. Im curious to hear ur opinion along with anyone else who reads this lol

    1. I like this comment. Gambling is too random.

    2. We totally agree! For the grand it should always flash by, if for nothing else then just to give the player hope and keep us on the edge of our seats!!! 🥂~m&g

  25. Great video….rough session….been there…done that…..lol…..Good Luck on the next one…

  26. With those amount per spin, it is amazing (I guess not surprising) how fast the bankroll went down. I was getting nervous for you! It is so true that you don’t put in the machine anything you can’t afford to lose.

    1. Exactly! It does go fast with big bets and we never gamble with more than we are willing to lose, ever. Thanks for watching Sara! ~m&g

  27. Hi my name is Ange. My girlfriend that has chocolates loves watching you guys. I am hooked as well.

    1. We appreciate you both watching Ange and hope you both have a great day!

  28. Good Morning Mark, thanks again for your video session. Debi and I were rooting for you. One day, we hope to see you win the grand.

    1. Hello Hal & Debi! Thank you for watching and we hope to show you a Grand too 🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻 ~m&g


    1. Monday is just beginning for us and its going well so far! Hope you recovered from your trip and you had a restful Monday! LESSGOOOOO!

  30. OUCH! Last night first three of my social sec came in 018 in KY….played it Friday… but not last night!
    $600 out the window for not playing $1. If you bet more than $1, then you pay taxes proportionately!

    1. Hope you stick to your guns and have luck next time Jeffrey! 🍀~m&g

  31. I know this is none of my business but this machine did you dirty Mark. What a shame

  32. Thanks for another high limit dragon cash session! You will hit a big one next time!

  33. Great high limit play Mg! Was wishing you hit that grand 😆 but theres always next time! Take care

  34. Great video Mark. This video should give pause to many people who really believe that they are prepared to play dragon cash at this bet level. Very informative. Thanks as always

  35. Mark that was a freaking toe tapper had me up jumping around like a kangaroo rooting for you brother youll get them next time bro keep it up youre the man!!!!!!;

    1. You know I always believed in God but until something like this caliber hits you like the kiss of a cold fist you really go wow its the wow factor you guys do what you do and you guys are doing a great job I will always watch you guys. Love you guys thank you for the good thoughts and prayers

    2. @Jim L Jim you have no idea how much that means to us with all you are going through you still take the time to watch and comment on our videos. we are praying for a speedy recovery for you and God Bless!

    3. @MG21 yes I have came down with cancer my sleeping habits are completely messed up and yes I tried not to wake up my brother and his wife but I get loud in my room when I watch you guys play its a joy do me a favor just keep it up and it keeps me going through the chemo treatments love you guys

    4. So happy you enjoyed the video this morning Jim! Sounds like you had some calories burned to start your day 😉 ~m&g

  36. Oh well at least you got some back Mark, my fault, didnt send you any luck haha…Cheers Rhonda

    1. @MG21 Ok im sending you some more BIG luck from Australia, it;s going too be big. All the very best x

    2. We needed some luck Rhonda!! Maybe you can help out next time 😉! 🥂~m&g


    1. Youre welcome Kym! Thanks for watching and we will see you again in 12 ❤️~m&g

  38. Your videos are premium and golden!!! Thanks for the entertainment!!

  39. I was feeling bad under 2k but Lucky u got that bonus to get some money back. Unfortunately that how it goes sometimes. Thanks M&G

  40. Wow! Not to worry. Great video to watch…..you will hit big next time. Pray for you and your wife best of luck at all times. Enjoy your youtube very much!!!👍👍👍👍👍

    1. Thanks so much for watching and for the support Tracy!! Stay safe~m&g

  41. Thanks Mark… not your day, maybe another day your good luck will come especially if Gretchen is around.👍💪❤

  42. These slots sessions are insane. Im curious if youd be open to sharing your comps….if not, 100% understandable =)

    1. @MG21 We missed our annual Vegas trip the boys usually go on in Oct =/ Bellagio has been sending teasers, but nothing substantial outside of the suites….which we know supply is high/demand low, so imo need to sweeten the pot outside of offering suites.

    2. Comps are not what they used to be prior to Covid so we will just leave it at that but always get a nice suite provided but freeplay is like 1/2 of what it used to be

  43. Wow, 🤩🤩Mark that was crazy 😰😰😰. Golden Century needs to give up one of those huge orbs soon. Thanks for the great video 🤩😊❤️🍀🍀🍀

  44. Breathtaking session with morning coffee. Happy you did get a bonus. Enjoy the day!🎰🍀🍀☠💀☠

    1. Im sure we did eventually but dont remember!! Thanks for starting your day with us Pirate! ~m&g

  45. I wanna see you Ng and other elite gamblers toss your money in and launch a gaming company.
    Stand up to the manufacturer who is robbing people blind and create a more realistic fun experience where people lose but have more fun.

    Scientific gaming had that dream and so did WMS before they were bought ….

    You guys have the capital….. everi and IT making a dent.

    Why not MGNG cabinets.

    1. @MG21 Facebook search Wonka ATM if you ever get bored (id be honored if you checked it out) …. a post by Gary Long in 2014 I turned the Wonka game into my personal atm for viewers …. people actually won money sitting on their couch from my YouTube Chanel. In the video around the 20:00 mark a woman won $150 or so….

      Wanted to start a broadcasting network that profit shared with the viewers.
      Didn’t know how exactly it would work but thought if my channel grew big enough that I would figure it out….
      A channel that gave away its freeplay at casinos to viewers and spins on slot machines that’s what I was…..

      I used to do free jobs for people electrical , plumbing thinking I would grow into the biggest business ever.
      Turns out people would just take the free job and not tell anyone…

      Like I said I’m a dreamer but not the best at putting things into motion 😂

    2. @In The Game U are amazing bud, thanks for the kind words and love that you are a dreamer!!

    3. @MG21 my moms friend made Golden T Golf . I’m a dreamer. I’ve had an idea get stolen and made 😂 then saw it flop and had some gratification.
      Ideas are nothing if you can’t put them into motion however.
      You have the brains to make things happen.
      I’d be honored to be the first one to lose a Benjamin down your slot 😂

    4. That is an incredible idea but would limit us from playing all the other slots we enjoy. Who knows what the future holds though 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️ ~m&g

    1. Yes it did!!! Thanks for watching all the way to the end Tyrone 😉~m&g

  46. Well Mark, it appears that either you are an early bird, or just getting home from the casino. Too bad you could not do better, but it was a fun video to watch, especially on a Monday morning, when I am plowing through all the weekend work emails. Have a great day

    1. We schedule our videos in advance so we were just waking up when this posted 😁 Have a great Monday Paul and thanks for watching! ~m&g

  47. Darn. I thought $250 a spin would do it for you this time. Oh well, you gave it a shot. Better luck next time. Thanks again for keeping it real.

  48. Sorry bud that machine treated you horrible! Thank god you hit the H&S and managed to recover $3500 back. Hope it freats you better next time around! Good luck🍀🍀

    1. It’s ok Curt! Comes with the territory 👍🏻 Thanks for watching! ~m&g

    1. We agree Steve O, we are glad that you appreciate that our channel shows the REALITY of slots, the good wins and the Brutal losses.

  49. That was a tough one – but shows the reality of slots! Thx for the video!

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